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function editing

Calling Sequence




character string




If functionname is the name of a defined scilab function edit(functionname) try to open the associated file functionname.sci.

If functionname is the name of a undefined scilab function edit(functionname) create a functionname.sci file in the current directory.

If functionname is not a valid macro or function name edit(functionname) opens the file with file name equal to functionname.

If linenumber is given, the file is opened at this line relatively to the definition of the macro named as the file itself. If the macro definition is not found, the file is opened at line given by linenumber.


//open editor with text of this function

//open editor for a new function

//open the file bar.sci in TMPDIR directory

// open the file test_run.sci at line 123
// relatively to the definition of test_run()
edit('test_run', 123)

See Also

  • manedit — editing a manual item
  • names — syntaxe des noms de variables dans Scilab
  • editor — Call the text editor as defined in the preferences
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