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mscanf, msscanf, mfscanf conversion specifications


Each conversion specification in the format parameter contains the following elements:

  • the character % (percent sign);

  • the optional assignment suppression character * (asterisk);

  • an optional numeric maximum field width;

  • a conversion code.

The conversion specification has the following syntax:


The results from the conversion are placed in v_i arguments unless you specify assignment suppression with * (asterisk). Assignment suppression provides a way to describe an input field that is to be skipped. The input field is a string of nonwhite-space characters. It extends to the next inappropriate character or until the field width, if specified, is exhausted.

The conversion code indicates how to interpret the input field. You should not specify the v_i parameter for a suppressed field. You can use the following conversion codes:


accepts a single % (percent sign) input at this point; no assignment is done.

d, i

accepts a decimal integer.


accepts an unsigned decimal integer.


accepts an octal integer.


accepts a hexadecimal integer.

e, f, g

accepts a floating-point number. The next field is converted accordingly and stored through the corresponding parameter, which should be a pointer to a float. The input format for floating-point numbers is a string of digits, with the following optional characteristics:

  • it can be a signed value;

  • it can be an exponential value, containing a decimal point followed by an exponent field, which consists of an E or an e followed by an (optionally signed) integer;

  • it can be one of the special values %inf, %nan;


accepts a string of characters.


character value is expected. The normal skip over white-space is suppressed.


gets value as a double.

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