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Please note that the recommended version of Scilab is 6.1.1. This page might be outdated.
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Scilab Help >> Files : Input/Output functions > mputl


writes strings in a text file

Calling Sequence

r = mputl(txt, file_desc)



returns %t or %f to check if function has correctly wrote on the file.


a character string giving the name of the file or

an integer scalar: a file descriptor returned by mopen function.


a vector of strings.


mputl function allows to write a vector of strings as a sequence of lines in a text file.

mputl supports strings encoded as ANSI/ASCII and UTF-8.


fd = mopen(TMPDIR+'/text_mputl.txt','wt');
mputl('Hello World',fd);

mputl('Simple Hello World',TMPDIR+"/text_mputl_simple.txt");

fd = mopen(TMPDIR+'/text_mputl.txt','rt');

See Also

  • mget — reads byte or word in a given binary format and converts to a double type
  • mgetl — reads lines from an text file
  • mclose — closes an opened file
  • mfprintf — converts, formats, and writes data to a file
  • mput — writes byte or word in a given binary format
  • mputstr — writes a character string in a file
  • mopen — opens a file in Scilab
  • write — write in a formatted file


Author : posted the 09/02/2011 11:45
This is an example of a calling sequence with the filename as input argument.

content = [
"1 2 3 4"
filename = fullfile(TMPDIR,"data.txt");

By the way, the examples should not use the "/" as the delimitor, which is confusing (even if the example works perfectly on Windows).

fd = mopen(fullfile(TMPDIR,'text_mputl.txt'),'wt');
mputl('Hello World',fd);

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