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Scilab Help >> Differential calculus, Integration > intc


Cauchy integral

Calling Sequence

[y  [,err]] = intc(a, b, f [,abserr [,relerr]])


a, b

two complex scalars


"external" function

abserr, rerr

real scalars, absolute and relative errors. Default values: 1.d-14 and 1d-8.


real number, estimated absolute error on the result.


If f is a complex-valued function, intc(a, b, f) computes the integral from a to b of f(z)dz along the straight line [a b] of the complex plane.


function y=f(z)
  y = z^(3 + %pi * %i);

intc(1+%i, 4-%i, f)

[r, err] = intc(1+%i, 4-%i, f, 1d-10, 1d-6)

See Also

  • intg — definite integral
  • intl — Cauchy integral


5.5.0 Absolute and relative (input) and absolute (output) errors management added.
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