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グラフィックコンテキストの値を設定. この関数は廃止対象です.







depending on choice-name


警告: この関数は古い関数です. 替わりにScilabグラフィックオブジェクトの記法を使用してください (set および get 関数およびgraphics_entities のヘルプページを参照ください).

xset is used to set default values of the current window graphic context.

When called no argument, a choice menu is created showing the current values and changes can be performed through toggle buttons.

Use xset() to display or set the current color, mark and fonts used.


Used to set the logical function for drawing. The logical function used is set by x1. Usual values are: 3 for copying (default), 6 for animation and 0 for clearing. See alufunctions for more details.

xset("auto clear","on"|"off")

Switch "on" or "off" the auto clear mode for graphics. When the auto clear mode is "on", successive plots are not superposed, ie a clf() operation (the graphics window is cleared and the associated recorded graphics is erased) is performed before each high level graphics function. Default value is "off".


Set the background color of the current Axes object. The color argument is the colormap index of the color to use.


Set the clipping zone (the zone of the graphics window where plots can be drawn) to the rectangle (x,y,w,h) (Upper-Left point Width Height). This function uses the current coordinates of the plot.


Set the default color for filling, line or text drawing functions. value is an integer projected in the interval [0,whiteid]. 0 is used for black filling and whiteid for white. The value of whiteid can be obtained with xget("white").


Set the colormap as a m x 3 matrix. m is the number of colors. Color number i is given as a 3-uple cmap(i,1), cmap(i,2), cmap(i,3) corresponding respectively to red, green and blue intensity between 0 and 1.


In black and white mode (xset("use color",0)), set the dash style to style i (0 for solid line). In color mode (xset("use color",1 )) this is used to set line, mark and text color. This keyword is obsolete, please use xset('color',i) or xset('line style',i) instead.


Reset the graphics context to default values.

xset("font",fontid,fontsize) : Set the current font and its current

size. Note that fontsize applies to all fonts not only fontid .

xset("font size",fontsize)

Set the fonts size.


Set the foreground color of the current Axes object. The color argument is the colormap index of the color to use.


Set the floating point format for number display in contour functions. string is a string giving the format in C format syntax (for example string="%.3f"). Use string="" to switch back to default format.

xset("hidden3d",colorid) : Set the color number for backward facing faces in

plot3d. colorid=0 zero suppress the drawing of backward facing faces of 3d objects. This is technically called 'culling' and speeds up the rendering of closed surfaces.

xset("line mode",type)

This function is used to set the line drawing mode. Absolute mode is set with type=1 and relative mode with type=0. (Warning: the mode type=0 has bugs)

xset("line style",value)

Set the current line style (1: solid, >1 for dashed lines).


Set the current mark and the current mark size. Use xset() to see the marks. Note that marksize applies to all marks not only markid .

xset("mark size",marksize)

Set the marks size.


Set the current pattern for filling functions. value is an integer projected in the interval [0,whiteid]. 0 is used for black filling and whiteid for white. The value of whiteid can be obtained with xget("white"). "pattern" is equivalent to "color".


If flag=0 the graphics are directly displayed on the screen. If flag=1 the graphics are done on a pixmap and are sent to the graphics window with the command xset("wshow"). The pixmap is cleared with the command xset("wwpc"). Note that the usual command clf() also clears the pixmap.


Set the thickness of lines in pixel (0 and 1 have the same meaning: 1 pixel thick).

xset("use color",flag)

If flag=1 then xset("pattern",.) or xset("dashes",.) will be used so as to change the default color for drawing or for filling patterns. If flag=0 then we switch back to the gray and dashes mode.


Set the position of the panner.


Set the width and the height of the current graphics window. This option is not used by the postscript driver.


Sets the width and the height of the current physical graphic window (which can be different from the actual size in mode wresize 1). This option is not used by the postscript driver.


Set the current window to the window window-number and creates the window if it does not exist.


Set the position of the upper left point of the graphics window.


If flag=1 then the graphic is automatically resized to fill the graphics window.


If flag=0 the scale of the graphic is left unchanged when the graphics window is resized. Top left panner or keyboard arrows may be used to scroll over the graphic.


See xset("pixmap",1) above.


See xset("pixmap",1) above.



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