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Aide Scilab >> Statistiques > nancumsum


Thos function returns the cumulative sum of the values of a matrix

Calling Sequence

s = nancumsum(x,orient)



x is a numerical vector or matrix.


is an optional parameter. The possible values are '*', 1, 2, 'r' or 'c'.


numerical scalar or vector. It contains the cumulative sum of the values of x, ignoring the NAN's.


This function returns in scalar or vector s the cumulative sum of the values (ignoring the NANs) of a vector or matrix (real or complex) x.

This function for a vector or a matrix x, s=nancumsum(x) (or, equivalently s=nancumsum(x,'*') returns in scalar s the cumulative sum (ignoring the NANs) of all the entries of x taken columnwise.

s=nancumsum(x,'r') (or, equivalently, s=nancumsum(x,1)) returns in the cols(x) sized vector s the cumulative sum (ignoring the NANs) of the rows of x: s(:,i)=nancumsum(x(:,i))

s=nancumsum(x,'c') (or, equivalently, s=nancumsum(x,2)) returns in the rows(x) sized vector s the cumulative sum (ignoring NANs) of the columns of x: s(i,:)=nancumsum(x(i,:))

For the last two cases, if a row or column is in whole composed of NAN, the corresponding place of s will contain a NAN.


a=[1 2 3;4 5 6]

See Also

  • nansum — Sum of values ignoring NAN's
  • cumsum — somme cumulative des éléments d'un tableau.


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