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Please note that the recommended version of Scilab is 6.1.1. This page might be outdated.
See the recommended documentation of this function

Aide Scilab >> Fonctions > genlib


build library from functions in given directory

Calling Sequence

genlib(lib_name [[,dir_name, [ Force [,verb [,Names]]]])
genlib(lib_name [,path=dir_name] [,verbose=verb] [,force=Force] [,names=Names])



Scilab string. The variable name of the library to (re)create.


Scilab string. The name of the directory to look for .sci-files.


boolean value (default value is %f). Set it to %t to force the sci-files recompilation.


boolean values (default value is %f). Set it to %t to get information.


a vector of strings, the names of function to include in the library. By default all the sci-files are taken into account


For each .sci file in dir_name (or only those specified by the Names argument), genlib executes a exec and saves the functions to the corresponding .bin file. The .sci file must not contain anything but Scilab functions. If a .bin file is newer than the associated .sci file, genlib does not translate and save the file.

This default behaviour can be changed if force is given and set to %t. In this latter case the recompilation is always performed for each .sci file.

When all .sci files have been processed, genlib creates a library variable named lib_name and saves it in the file lib in dir_name. If the Scilab variable lib_name is not protected (see predef) this variable is updated.

If verbose is et to %t information are displayed during the build process.

If dir_name argument is not given and if lib_name Scilab variable exists and it is a library dir_name is taken equal to the lib_name library path (update mode).


Scilab tacitly assumes that file foo.sci defines at least a function named foo. If subsidiary functions are included, they are made known to Scilab only after the function foo had been referenced.

See Also

  • getd — chargement de toutes les fonctions contenues dans un répertoire
  • exec — exécution d'un script (fichier de commandes)
  • save — Save a variable or a serie of variables in a binary file
  • lib — library definition
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