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read lines from an text file

Calling Sequence

txt=mgetl(file_desc [,m])



a character string giving the file name or a logical unit returned by mopen


an integer scalar. number of lines to read. Default value is -1.


a column vector of string


mgetl function allows to read a lines from an text file.

If m is omitted or is -1 all lines till end of file occurs are read.

If m is given mgetl tries to read exactly m lines. This option is useful to sequentialy read part of a file. In this case if an end of file (EOF) occurs before m lines are read the read lines are returned (it is possible to check if EOF had occured using the meof function) issued.

mgetl allows to read files coming from Unix, Windows, or Mac operating systems.

mgetl supports only UTF-8(NO-BOM) and ANSI file encoding.



mgetl SCI/modules/elementary_functions/macros/erf.sci


See Also

  • mputl — writes strings in an ascii file
  • mclose — close an opened file
  • mfscanf — reads input from the standard input (interface to the C scanf function)
  • mget — reads byte or word in a given binary format and convert to double
  • mput — writes byte or word in a given binary format
  • mgetstr — read a character string from a file
  • mopen — open a file
  • read — matrices read


S. Steer

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