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Scilab help >> Optimization and Simulation

Optimization and Simulation

  • Neldermead
    • fminsearchComputes the unconstrained minimimum of given function with the Nelder-Mead algorithm.
    • neldermeadProvides several direct search optimization algorithms based on the simplex method.
    • neldermead_overviewAn overview of the Nelder-Mead toolbox.
    • nmplotProvides several direct search optimization algorithms based on the simplex method.
    • optimgetQueries an optimization data structure.
    • optimplotfunccountPlot the number of function evaluations of an optimization algorithm
    • optimplotfvalPlot the function value of an optimization algorithm
    • optimplotxPlot the value of the parameters of an optimization algorithm
    • optimsetConfigures and returns an optimization data structure.
  • Optimization base
    • optimbaseProvides an abstract class for a general optimization component.
  • Optimization simplex
    • optimsimplexManage a simplex with arbitrary number of points.
  • fsolven個の非線形関数システムのゼロを見つける
  • list2vecリストのエントリを行列に連結する.
  • lmisolverLMIソルバー
  • lmitoolLMIを解くためのツール
  • qp_solve組み込みの線形二次計画ソルバー
  • qpsolve線形二次計画ソルバー
  • quapro線形二次計画ソルバ (古い関数)
  • NDcostgeneric external for optim computing gradient using finite differences
  • aplatFlattens a list.
  • datafitParameter identification based on measured data
  • derivativeapproximate derivatives of a function
  • fit_datParameter identification based on measured data
  • karmarkarSolves a linear optimization problem.
  • leastsqSolves non-linear least squares problems
  • lsqrsolveminimize the sum of the squares of nonlinear functions, levenberg-marquardt algorithm
  • numdiffnumerical gradient estimation
  • optimnon-linear optimization routine
  • qldlinear quadratic programming solver
  • readmpsreads a file in MPS format
  • reconsreciprocal function for aplat.
  • semidefsemidefinite programming
  • vec2listlist2vec reciprocal function
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