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Scilab help >> PVM parallel Toolbox > pvm_f772sci


Convert a F77 complex into a complex scalar

Calling Sequence

[res] = pvm_f772sci(var)


var : local scilab variable. On return, the variable will be

overwritten with the result of conversion operation.


if the parameter var is not a variable, the result of the conversion is returned in res.


pvm_f772sci converts all the complex matrices contained in the representation of a scilab variable form a f77 coding to the Scilab complex matrix coding scheme. This can be useful if Scilab is receiving data from a non scilab application (directly from a C or F77 program for example).

Note that the parameter is passed by adress. It means that if the parameter is a variable, this variable will be overwritten with the result of conversion operation. On the other case, if the parameter is not a variable, the result will be returned in res.


a = [1+%i, 2+2*%i,3+3*%i];
if norm(a - [1.+2* %i,3.+%i, 2. + 3. *%i ]) >10*%eps then pause;end

See Also

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