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Scilab help >> Files : Input/Output functions > mseek


set current position in binary file.

Calling Sequence

mseek(n [,fd, flag])



a positive scalar: The offset from origin in number of bytes.


scalar. The fd parameter returned by the function mopen. -1 stands for last opened file. Default value is -1.


a string. specifies the origin. Default value 'set'.


The function mseek() sets the position of the next input or output operation on the stream fd. The new position is at the signed distance given by n bytes from the beginning, from the current position, or from the end of the file, according to the flag value which can be 'set', 'cur' or 'end'.

mseek() allows the file position indicator to be set beyond the end of the existing data in the file. If data is later written at this point, subsequent reads of data in the gap will return zero until data is actually written into the gap. mseek(), by itself, does not extend the size of the file.


fd1= mopen(file3,'wb');
for i=1:10, mput(i,'d'); end 
fd1= mopen(file3,'rb');
res1=[1:11]; res1(1)=678;res1($)=932;
if res1<>res ;write(%io(2),'Bug');end;

// trying to read more than stored data 
if res1<>res ;write(%io(2),'Bug');end;

See Also

  • mclose — close an opened file
  • meof — check if end of file has been reached
  • mfprintf — converts, formats, and writes data to a file
  • fprintfMat — Write a matrix in a file.
  • mfscanf — reads input from the standard input (interface to the C scanf function)
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  • mget — reads byte or word in a given binary format and convert to double
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  • mopen — open a file
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  • mput — writes byte or word in a given binary format
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  • mscanf
  • mseek — set current position in binary file.
  • mtell — binary file management
  • mdelete — Delete file(s)
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