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Please note that the recommended version of Scilab is 6.1.1. This page might be outdated.
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Scilab help >> Graphics Library > handle > is_handle_valid


Check wether a set of graphic handles is still valid.

Calling Sequence

isValid = is_handle_valid(h)



Matrix of graphic handles


Matrix of boolean with the same size as h


is_handle_valid function tests wether a set of graphic handle is still valid. A valid handle is a handle which has not been deleted. The result, isValid, is a boolean matrix such as isValid(i,j) is true if h(i,j) is valid and false otherwise.


// check that current objects are valid
is_handle_valid([gcf(), gca(), gce()])

// create 11 polylines
plot([0:10; 0:10; 0:10], [0:10; 0:0.5:5; 0:2:20]);
// check polylines validity
axes = gca();
polylines = axes.children(1).children
// delete some polylines
// print validity

See Also

  • delete — delete a graphic entity and its children.
  • graphics_entities — description of the graphics entities data structures


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