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Statistical toolbox for Scilab


centre: centering variables
centrered: centering and reducing variables
cmoment: central moments of all orders
correl: correlation
covar: covariance
ftest: fischer test and his p-value
geomean: geometric mean
harmean: harmonic mean
iqr: interquartile range
mad: mean absolute deviation
meanf:  arithmetic mean of a vector or matrix with a table of frequences
median: 50th percentile of a sample
mn: arithmetic mean of a vector or matrix
moment: moments of all orders
msd:  mean squared  deviation
mvvacov : multivariable matrix of variance-covariance
nand2mean: estimate of the difference of means of two independent samples
nanmax:  maximum ignoring NaNs
nanmean: mean ignoring NaNs
nanmeanf:  mean with frequency table ignoring NaNs
nanmedian: 50th percentile of a sample ignoring NaNs
nanmin: minimum ignoring NANs
nanstdev:  standard deviation ignoring NaNs
nanstdevf: standard deviation with frequency table ignoring NaNs
nansum: sum ignoring NaNs
nfreq: frequency of the values of a sample
pca: principal component analysys
pctl: vector of  percentiles of a sample in decreasing order
perctl: vector of  percentiles of a sample in decreasing order
quart: quartils
stdev: standard deviation
stdevf: standard deviation with frequences 
strange: distance between largest and smallest value
tabul: frequences of values
var: variance
varf: variance with frequence table


Wonacott, T.H. & Wonacott, R.J.; Introductory Statistics, 5th edition, J.Wiley & Sons, 1990.

Saporta, Gilbert, Probabilites, Analyse des Donnees et Statistique, Editions Technip, Paris, 1990.

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