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Manuel Scilab >> Interface avec Java > Compile and run with javasci v2

Compile and run with javasci v2

How to compile a Java application using Javasci v2


To compile a Java code based on Javasci v2, it is only necessary to have org.scilab.modules.javasci.jar and org.scilab.modules.types.jar defined in the classpath.

For example, with the code defined in the example of this page, the command would be:

on Linux/Unix/MacOSX:

$ javac -cp $SCI/modules/javasci/jar/org.scilab.modules.javasci.jar:$SCI/modules/types/jar/org.scilab.modules.types.jar

on Windows:

D:\> javac -cp %SCI%\modules\javasci\jar\org.scilab.modules.javasci.jar:%SCI%\modules\types\jar\org.scilab.modules.types.jar

To run Scilab, there are a few other things to set up.

Some global variables must me set:

  • SCI - Path to Scilab files

    • Linux/Unix/MacOSX:

      • In the binary version of Scilab, SCI will point to /path/to/scilab/share/scilab/

      • In the source tree of Scilab, SCI will point to the root of the source tree /path/to/scilab/source/tree/

    • Windows

      • path of scilab root directory:

        set SCI=C:\program files\scilab-XXX

  • LD_LIBRARY_PATH - Paths to, and (or .jnilib...)

    • Linux/Unix/MacOSX:

      • In the binary version of Scilab, SCI will point to /path/to/scilab/lib/scilab/

      • In the source tree of Scilab, SCI will point to the root of the source tree /path/to/scilab/modules/javasci/.libs/, /path/to/scilab/modules/types/.libs/ and /path/to/scilab/.libs/

    • Windows: Path to libscilab2.dll, libscitypes.dll and javasci.dll

      • equivalent to LD_LIBRARY_PATH on Windows is PATH

        set PATH="%SCI%\bin";%PATH%

To launch the Java Application, you can either provide them with environnement variable

  • Linux/Unix/MacOSX:

    • LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/path/to/libjavasci/ SCI=/path/to/scilab/ java -cp modules/javasci/jar/org.scilab.modules.javasci.jar:modules/types/jar/org.scilab.modules.types.jar:. BasicExample

    • SCI=/path/to/scilab/ java -Djava.library.path=/path/to/libjavasci/ -cp modules/javasci/jar/org.scilab.modules.javasci.jar:modules/types/jar/org.scilab.modules.types.jar:. BasicExample

    or with the arguments

  • Windows:

    set SCI=c:\program files\scilab-XXXX

    set PATH="%SCI%\bin";%PATH%

    D:\java -cp "%SCI%\modules\javasci\jar\org.scilab.modules.javasci.jar";"%SCI%\modules\types\jar\org.scilab.modules.types.jar";. BasicExample

Optional options to launch java : -Djava.compiler=JIT -Xmx256m

(With these arguments, you start javasci with same initial options like the standard scilab).

Note that two environnement variables are taken in account for specific needs:

  • SCI_DISABLE_TK=1 Disables Tk (Tcl's GUI)

  • SCI_JAVA_ENABLE_HEADLESS=1 Launch Java in headless mode (no AWT/Swing)


// A simple Java example 
// javasci v2
// Filename:

import org.scilab.modules.javasci.Scilab;

class BasicExample {

    public static void main(String[] args) {
        try {
            Scilab sci = new Scilab();
        } catch (org.scilab.modules.javasci.JavasciException e) {
            System.err.println("Could not find variable type: " + e.getLocalizedMessage());


Allan Cornet

Sylvestre Ledru

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