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Functions Summary

Install/Remove/Update modules ...

atomsInstall Install one or several modules
atomsUpdate Update one or several modules
atomsRemove Remove one or several modules
atomsGetInstalled Get the list of installed external modules
atomsIsInstalled Determine whether the module is installed or not
atomsTest Execute the tests of an installed module
atomsCheckModule Install, load, test and remove one or several modules

Load modules ...

atomsLoad Load one or several modules
atomsAutoload Load the modules marked as "autoload"
atomsGetLoaded Get the list of loaded modules
atomsIsLoaded Determines whether the module is loaded or not
atomsAutoloadList Get the list of modules registered to autoload at Scilab start.
atomsAutoloadAdd Add one or several modules to autoload system.
atomsAutoloadDel Remove one or several modules from autoload system.
atomsQuit Launch the .quit file of all loaded modules

Get information ...

atomsList List available modules
atomsCategoryList List available categories
atomsSearch Searches for modules
atomsShow Show the characteristics of a module
atomsDepTreeShow Show the dependency tree of a module
atomsGetInstalledPath Get the installation path of an module
atomsGetLoadedPath Get the installation path of a loaded module
atomsVersion Get the ATOMS's module version

Manage repositories ...

atomsRepositoryList Get the list of managed repositories
atomsRepositoryAdd Add one or several URLs to the list of managed repositories
atomsRepositoryDel Remove one or several URLs from the list of managed repositories

Manage ATOMS system ...

atomsSystemUpdate Update the list of available modules
atomsSetConfig Manage ATOMS parameters
atomsGetConfig Get the list of ATOMS parameters
atomsRestoreConfig Restore the configuration from the backup file
atomsSaveConfig Make a backup of the configuration file
atomsSystemInit Set the rightful write access for the ATOMS system

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