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Справка Scilab >> Графики > color_management > uigetcolor


Opens a dialog for selecting a color.



RGB = uigetcolor()
RGB = uigetcolor(defaultRGB)
RGB = uigetcolor(defaultRed, defaultGreen, defaultBlue)
RGB = uigetcolor(title, ..)

[R, G, B] = uigetcolor()
[R, G, B] = uigetcolor(defaultRGB)
[R, G, B] = uigetcolor(defaultRed, defaultGreen, defaultBlue)
[R, G, B] = uigetcolor(title, ..)



String: Optional argument, the title to display in the dialog. Default value is "Color Chooser".


1x3 vector [red, green, blue] of default values in [0, 255] for Red, Green and Blue intensities.

defaultRed, defaultGreen, defaultBlue

Integers in [0, 255]: Scalar default values for Red, Green, and Blue intensities.


1x3 vector [red, green, blue] of values in [0, 255] for Red, Green and Blue intensities, or [] if the user cancels.

R, G, B

Integers in [0, 255]: Scalar values for Red, Green and Blue intensities, or [] if the user cancels.


Creates a dialog window for selecting a color. All (default and returned) values are in the interval [0 255].


[R, G, B] = uigetcolor([255 128 0])
RBG = uigetcolor(0, 128, 255)
RBG = uigetcolor("My color chooser", 250, 150, 50)

See also

  • getcolor — открывает диалог для показа цветов текущей цветовой карты или цветовой карты по умолчанию
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