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Справка Scilab >> Xcos > Scilab/Xcos Data Structures > scicos_block


Define a block structure


Basic structure that define a xcos block.

Type : scilab tlist of type "Block" with fields : graphics, model, gui and doc.


Scilab object including graphical information concerning the features of the block.

Type : graphics.


Scilab list that contains the features of the block used for the compilation.

Type : model.


The name of the Scilab GUI function associated with the block.

Size : 1.

Type : string.


Field used for documentation of the block Size : 1.

Type : list or string.


loadXcosLibs();              // load standard library

blk = BIGSOM_f("define");    // new specific block
tree_show(blk);              // display it
blk = scicos_block(),
blk.model.rpar = 1
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