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Ajuda do Scilab >> Otimização e Simulação > Optimization base > optimbase_cget


Returns the value for the given key.


value = optimbase_cget(opt, key)



The object of TOPTIM type (tlist).


A string, the name of the key to query.


the value in function of the given key.


The optimbase_cget function returns the value contained in the key. If the key is unknown, this function generates an error.

To know the list of available keys, go to optimbase_configure help page.


opt = optimbase_new();

// Set number of variables
opt = optimbase_configure ( opt , "-numberofvariables" , 10);
nbvar = optimbase_cget(opt, "-numberofvariables")

// Set initial guess
opt = optimbase_configure(opt, "-x0", [-1.2 1.0]');
x0 = optimbase_cget(opt, "-x0")

// Set maximum number of iteration
opt = optimbase_configure(opt, "-maxiter", 200);
value = optimbase_cget(opt, "-maxiter")

opt = optimbase_destroy(opt);

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