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Ajuda do Scilab >> Funções Elementares > Matrix manipulation > Shape tests > ismatrix


checks if an object is a non-empty 1D or 2D matrix or array


tf = ismatrix(x)



scalar,vector, matrix, hypermatrix, list, array of structures or of cells


a boolean


ismatrix(x) returns %T (true) if x is a scalar (single component), or a vector or a matrix or array with one or 2 dimensions.

  • An hypermatrix that would be a matrix after reordering its dimensions is considered as a matrix.
  • To test that x is not an hypermatrix or an hyperarray -- whatever are the sizes of its dimensions --, use simply ndims(x)<3.
  • ismatrix([]) returns false.


ismatrix(["s" "t" "u"; "t" "s" "u"])
ismatrix(rand(2,1,3)) //because of singleton
ismatrix(rand(2,2,3)) //hypermatrix
s = struct();
ismatrix(s) // Empty structure
clear s
s(1,2).a = 3;
s(1,3).b = %z;
ismatrix(s) // Row array of structures
clear s
s(2,1).a = "w";
s(3,1).b = %t;
iscolumn(s) // Column array of structures
clear s
s(1,2).a = -2;
s(3,1).b = %pi;
ismatrix(s) // 2D not-square array of structures
clear s
s(2,1,2).a = 3;
s(1,1,2).b = "test";
ismatrix(s) // 3D array of structures (with a singleton dim)
clear s
s(1,1,2).a = 3;
s(1,1,3).b = "test";
ismatrix(s) // 3D array of structures (with 2 singleton dims)
clear s
s(2,2,2).a = %f;
s(1,2,1).b = list(%e, %s);
ismatrix(s) // 3D (cubic) array of structures

See also

  • isscalar — check if a variable is a scalar.
  • isrow — check if a variable is a row
  • iscolumn — check if a variable is a column
  • issquare — check if a variable is a square matrix
  • isempty — verifica se uma variável é uma matriz vazia ou uma lista vazia
  • ndims — número de dimensões de um array


5.5.0 Function ismatrix introduced.
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