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Scilabヘルプ >> Xcos > palettes > Sinks palette > TOWS_c


Data to Scilab workspace

Block Screenshot


That block is used to put simulated data in the scilab workspace.

Each sampling time, both dates and values of input are recorded.

Records are available after the simulation in Scilab's workspace as variable.time and variable.values where variable is the name given in the Scilab variable name field.


  • Size of buffer

    Set the size of the input buffer. That gives the total number of samples recorded during the simulation.

    That buffer is a circulate buffer.

    Properties : Type 'vec' of size 1.

  • Scilab variable name

    Set the name of the Scilab variable. This must be a valid variable name.

    The simulation must be finished to retrieve that variable in the Scilab workspace.

    Properties : Type 'str' of size 1.

  • Inherit (no:0, yes:1)

    Options to choose event inheritance from regular input or from explicit event input (0).

    Properties : Type 'vec' of size 1.

Default properties

  • always active: no

  • direct-feedthrough: no

  • zero-crossing: no

  • mode: no

  • regular inputs:

    - port 1 : size [-1,1] / type -1

  • number/sizes of activation inputs: 1

  • number/sizes of activation outputs: 0

  • continuous-time state: no

  • discrete-time state: no

  • object discrete-time state: no

  • name of computational function: tows_c

Interfacing function

  • SCI/modules/scicos_blocks/macros/Sinks/TOWS_c.sci

Computational function

  • SCI/modules/scicos_blocks/src/c/tows_c.c (Type 4)


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