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Java depuis Scilab

  • Getting started - BeginningHow to use the Java Scilab binding?
  • Getting started - Second stepHow to use the Java Scilab binding?
  • jallowClassReloadingAllow the class reloading
  • jarrayCreate a Java array
  • jautoTransposeSet the way to convert matrices
  • jautoUnwrapUnwrap automatically returned values
  • jcastCast a Java object into another one.
  • jcompileCompile Java code or file
  • jcreatejarCreates a Java ARchive (JAR) from a set of files / directories
  • jdeffMap a static Java method onto a Scilab macro
  • jdisableTraceStop the trace process.
  • jenableTraceAllow to trace the internal functionality of JIMS to help the debugging.
  • jexistsTest if a Scilab Java Object is valid on the Java side
  • jgetclassnameReturn the class name of the given object
  • jgetfieldGet the field value of a Java object
  • jgetfieldsGet all the fields of a Java object
  • jgetinfoReturns information about the Java virtual machine
  • jgetmethodsGet all the methods of a Java object
  • jimportImport a Java class
  • jinvokeInvoke a method of a Java object
  • jinvoke_dbInvoke a method of a Java object in using Java direct buffers
  • jnewInstanceCreates a new instance of a Java class
  • jnullThe Scilab version of the Java null object.
  • jremoveRemove a Java Object on the Java side
  • jsetfieldSet the field of a Java object
  • junwrapConvert a Java object into a Scilab native type
  • junwrapremConvert a Java object into a Scilab native type and remove it from the Java side
  • jvoidFor no argument functions
  • jwrapWrap a Scilab variable into a Java one if possible
  • jwrapincharWrap Scilab uint16 matrix into Java char multiarray.
  • jwrapinfloatWrap Scilab double matrix into Java float multiarray.
  • newCreates a new instance of a Java class
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