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system conversion





list (linear syslin systems)


Converts s1 and s2 into common representation in order that system interconnection operations can be applied. Utility function for experts. The conversion rules in given in the following table.

"c": continuous time system.
"d": discrete time system.
n: sampled system with sampling period n.
[ ] : system with undefined time domain For mixed systems s1 and s2 are put in state-space representation.

s1\s2"c""d"n2[ ]
"c" nothing uncompatible c2e(s1,n2) c(s2)
"d" uncompatible nothing e(s1,n2) d(s2)
n1 c2e(s2,n1) e(s2,n1) n1<>n2 uncomp
n1=n2 nothing
[ ] c(s1) d(s1) e(s1,n2) nothing

With the following meaning:

n1, n2 : sampling periods
c2e(s,n) : the continuous-time system s is transformed into a sampled system with sampling period n.
c(s) : conversion to continuous (time domain is "c")
d(s) : conversion to discrete (time domain is "d")
e(s,n) : conversion to samples system with period n



See also

  • syslin — linear system definition
  • ss2tf — conversion from state-space to transfer function
  • tf2ss — transfer to state-space
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