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Scilab Help >> Graphics > axes_operations > newaxes


Creates a new Axes entity


a = newaxes()
a = newaxes(h)



Optional handle of the graphic parent of the new axes, of type Figure or Uicontrol of style Frame. By default, the current figure is used.


Handle on the newly created Axes entity


newaxes() is used to create a new Axes entity (see graphics_entities) in the current figure or in the given figure or uicontrol frame.

The properties of this entity are inherited from the default_axes entity (see gda)

newaxes(h) creates the axes in the frame uicontrol or figure whose handle is h.


a1 = newaxes();
a1.axes_bounds = [0,0,1.0,0.5];
t = 0:0.1:20;
a2 = newaxes();
a2.axes_bounds = [0,0.5,1.0,0.5];
x = 0:0.1:4;

sca(a1); //make first axes current
plot(t, asinh(t), 'g')

The following example uses newaxes(h)

// Create a new figure
f = figure("layout", "gridbag", ...
    "toolbar", "none", ...
    "menubar", "none", ...
    "backgroundcolor", [1 1 1]);

// Create the frames where each graph is put
c = createConstraints("gridbag", [1 1 1 1], [1 1], "both");
top_left = uicontrol(f, "style", "frame","constraints", c);

c.grid = [2 1 1 1];
top_right = uicontrol(f, "style", "frame", "constraints", c);

c.grid = [1 2 2 2];
bottom = uicontrol(f, "style", "frame", "constraints", c);

// Create the axes in each frame
a_tl = newaxes(top_left);
a_tr = newaxes(top_right);
a_bt = newaxes(bottom);

// Plot in the frames
X = (1:100) ./ 50;
plot(a_tl, X, X, "r");
plot(a_tr, X, cos(2 * %pi * 3 * X), "g");
plot(a_bt, X, exp(X), "b");

title(a_tl, "a line");
title(a_tr, "a cosine");
title(a_bt, "the exponential");

See also

  • Multiscaled plots — How to set several axes for one curve or for curves with distinct scales
  • subplot — sets the current axes to a chosen cell of the current gridded figure
  • xsetech — set the sub-window of a graphics window for plotting
  • gda — Return handle of default axes.
  • sca — set the current axes entity


5.5.0 newaxes(h) can target a uicontrol frame or a given figure.
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