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Scilab Help >> Files : Input/Output functions > file_system > copyfile


copies a file


copyfile(source, destination)
[status, message] = copyfile(source, destination)



a character string: a filename or a directory name.


a character string: a directory name.


copyfile(source,destination) copies the file or directory source (and subdirectories) to the file or directory destination.

If source is a directory, destination can not be a file.

copyfile replaces existing files without warning.

[status, message] = copyfile(source, destination) copies source to destination, returning the status and a message.

Whatever the operating system, if the copy succeeds, the status is 1 and the message is empty; if the copy fails, the status is 0 and the message is not empty.

The timestamp given to the destination file is identical to that taken from source file.


[status,message] = copyfile(SCI+"/etc/scilab.start",TMPDIR);

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