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Справка Scilab >> GUI > x_mdialog


Dialog for interactive vector/matrix input.





column vector of strings, dialog general comment


n column vector of strings, labels(i) is the label of the ith required value


n column vector of strings, default_input_vector(i) is the initial value of the ith required value


n vector of strings, labelsv(i) is the label of the ith line of the required matrix


m vector of strings, labelsh(j) is the label of the jth column of the required matrix


n x m matrix of strings, default_input_matrix(i,j) is the initial value of the (i,j) element of then required matrix


n x m matrix of string if returned with "Ok" button or [] if returned with "Cancel" button


Opens a dialog for interactive vector/matrix input.


txt = ['magnitude';'frequency';'phase    '];
sig = x_mdialog('enter sine signal',txt,['1';'10';'0'])
mag = evstr(sig(1))
frq = evstr(sig(2))
ph  = evstr(sig(3))
rep = x_mdialog(['System Simulation';'with PI regulator'],...
                 ['P gain';'I gain '],[' ';' '])
sz = [4,3];
default_input_matrix = string(int32(rand(sz(1), sz(2)) * 200 - 100));
labelsv = 'row '+string(1:sz(1));
labelsh = 'col '+string(1:sz(2));
rep = x_mdialog('Enter a matrix',...
                 labelsv, labelsh, default_input_matrix)
sz = [10,10];
default_input_matrix = "%"+string(rand(sz(1), sz(2)) > 0.5);
labelsv = string(1:sz(1));
labelsh = string(1:sz(2));
rep = x_mdialog('Enter a boolean matrix', labelsv, labelsh, default_input_matrix)

See also

  • editvar — Scilab variable editor
  • x_dialog — Dialog for interactive multi-lines input.
  • x_choose — interactive window choice (modal dialog)
  • messagebox — Open a message box.
  • getvalue — диалог xwindow для получения данных
  • evstr — вычисление выражений
  • execstr — исполняет Scilab-код, заданный в строках
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