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Справка Scilab >> Statistics > Sampling > samwr


Sampling without replacement


s = samwr(sizam, numsamp, X)



integer. Size of a sample. It must be lower than or equal to the size of X.


integer. Number of samples to be extracted.


column vector. It contains the population.


matrix of size sizsam * numsamp. It contains numsamp random samples (the columns) each of sizam extractions without replacement from X.


Gives samples without replacement from a column vector.

Random number generator

samwr is based on grand for generating the random samples. Use grand("setsd", seed) to change the seed for samwr.

seed = getdate("s");
grand("setsd", seed); //sets the seed to current date

seed = 0;
grand("setsd", seed); //sets the seed to default value


a = [0.33 1.24 2.1 1.03]
s = samwr(4, 12, a)

See also

  • sample — Sampling with replacement
  • samplef — sample values with replacement from a population with given frequencies.
  • grand — Случайные числа
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