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Справка Scilab >> CACSD > Linear System Factorization > rowinout


inner-outer factorization


[Inn, X, Gbar] = rowinout(G)



linear system (syslin list) [A,B,C,D]


inner factor (syslin list)


outer factor (syslin list)


row-compressor of G (syslin list)


Inner-outer factorization (and row compression) of (lxp) G =[A,B,C,D] with l>=p.

G is assumed to be tall (l>=p) without zero on the imaginary axis and with a D matrix which is full column rank.

G must also be stable for having Gbar stable.

G admits the following inner-outer factorization:

 G = [ Inn ] | Gbar |
             |  0   |

where Inn is square and inner (all pass and stable) and Gbar square and outer i.e: Gbar is square bi-proper and bi-stable (Gbar inverse is also proper and stable);

Note that:

      [ Gbar ]
X*G = [  -   ]
      [  0   ]

is a row compression of G where X = Inn inverse is all-pass i.e: Xt(-s).X(s) = Identity (for the continuous time case).

See also

  • syslin — определение линейной системы
  • colinout — inner-outer factorization
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