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fec properties

description of the fec entities properties


The Fec entity is a leaf of the graphics entities hierarchy. It represents 2D finite elements plots (see fec, Sgrayplot).


This property contains the handle of the parent. The parent of the fec entity should be of the type "Axes" or "Compound".


This property contains a vector with the children of the handle. However, Fec handles currently do not have any children.


This field contains the visible property value for the entity . It should be "on" or "off" . By default, the plot is visible, the value's property is "on". If "off" the plot is not drawn on the screen.


This is a three column matrix [x,y,f], where x(i) and y(i) are the coordinates of the i'th node. f(i) is the value associated to the node i.


This is a [Ntr,N+2] matrix. Each line of triangles specifies a convex polygon of the mesh triangles(j) = [number,node1,node2,node3, ..., nodeN, flag]. node1,node2,node3, ..., nodeN are the number of the nodes which constitutes the polygon. number is the number of the polygons and flag is an integer not used.


This vector of size 2, [zmin,zmax], gives the z values associated with the first and the last color (of the current colormap). More exactly if the colormap have nc colors and if we note dz = (zmax-zmin)/nc ,then the part of the triangulation where zmin + (i-1)dz <= z < zmin + i dz is filled with the color i). By default the z_bounds property value is [0,0]. In this case, the zmin and zmax are autommatically set to the minimum and maximum of the func argument.


This vector of size 2, [cmin, cmax], defines the color used when nodes values are outside the z_bounds = [zmin,zmax] interval. When node values are lower than zmin the color with index cmin is used. When node values are greater than zmax the color with index cmax is used. By default, the outside_color property value is [0,0]. In this case, cmin and cmax are automatically set to the two bounds of the colormap. If cmin or cmax are negative, then values outside z_bounds interval are not displayed, they appear transparent.


This vector of size 2, [rmin, rmax], allows to use only a part of the colormap for display. rmin and rmax stand for colormap indices. If they are both greater than 1, then the actual colormap used to display the fec entity is colormap(rmin:rmax) where colormap is the colormap of the parent figure. By default, the color_range property value is [0,0]. In this case, the whole colormap is used.


If "on", the wireframe enclosing triangles is drawn. If "off", only the inside of triangles are drawn.


This color index specifies the color of the mesh. If line_mode property is "on", the wireframe is drawn using this color.


This field contains the clip_state property value for the fec. It should be :

  • "off" this means that the fec is not clipped.

  • "clipgrf" this means that the fec is clipped outside the Axes box.

  • "on" this means that the fec is clipped outside the rectangle given by property clip_box.


This field is to determinate the clip_box property. By Default its value should be an empty matrix if clip_state is "off". Other cases the vector [x,y,w,h] (upper-left point width height) defines the portions of the fec to display, however clip_state property value will be changed.


This field can be use to store any scilab variable in the fec data structure, and to retrieve it.


x=-10:10; y=-10:10;m =rand(21,21);

See also

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