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Gets the install path of some installed external modules


paths = atomsGetInstalledPath(modules)
paths = atomsGetInstalledPath(modules, section)



m x 1, m x 2, or m x 3 Matrix of strings:

1st Col. Technical name Mandatory
2nd Col. Version Optional If this column is missing or this value is "", the first (and possibly only installed) version found is considered.
3nd Col. Section Optional If this column is missing or this value is "", the "all" section is used. Possible values are "user", "allusers", and "all".

single string among "user", "allusers", "all". It is used ony if modules has less than 3 columns. It is equivalent to modules(:,3)=section.


the paths of the given modules (starting with SCI or SCIHOME), or "" for any unfound module, such that always size(paths,1)==size(modules,1).


atomsGetInstalledPath returns the installation path of given external modules, or "" for any unfound module.

If no module with the given exact case-sensitive technical name is found among installed modules, the search is rerun in a case-insensitive way. If still no match is found, the search is rerun in a case-insensitive way considering the provided technical name as a fragment of the true name. In case of

If for a modules(i,:) several matches are found, only the first one is considered.


atomsInstall SCI/modules/atoms/tests/unit_tests/ user

atomsGetInstalledPath toolbox_7V6       // exact name,                  no version
atomsGetInstalledPath ToolBox_7v6       // else: case-insensitive name, no version
atomsGetInstalledPath TOOLBOX_7         // else: fragment of name,      no version
atomsGetInstalledPath toolbox_7 allusers  // + wrong section => "" (not found)
atomsGetInstalledPath toolbox_7 all
atomsGetInstalledPath(["toolbox_7", "2"])   // not this version => "" (not found)
atomsGetInstalledPath(["toolbox_7", "1"])   // not this version => "" (not found)
atomsGetInstalledPath(["toolbox_7", "1.0"]) // version found


See also


  • The technical name can now be case-insensitive, or a case-insensitive fragment of the full true technical name of each searched module.
  • The version is now optional (use "" to accept any version).
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