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Scilab Help >> Differential calculus, Integration > intsplin


integration of experimental data by spline interpolation


v = intsplin(y)
v = intsplin(x, y)



Vector of increasing real abscissae. It must have the length of y. Default values are 1:size(y,'*').


vector of real or complex ordinates.


value of the integral. If y are complex numbers, the real and imaginary parts are integrated separately.


Let f be a function defined at some given sampled experimental points (xi, yi=f(xi)).

intsplin computes an approximate of integral{f(x).dx} from x0=x(1) to x1=x($).

Between given points, f is approximated using a spline interpolation.


t = 0:0.1:%pi

intsplin(1:5)            // 12

x = 0:0.1:0.4;
intsplin(x, 1:5)         // 1.2

intsplin((1:5)*%i)       // 12i
intsplin(x, (1:5)*%i)    // 1.2i
intsplin(x, x+(1:5)*%i)  // 0.08 + 1.2i

See also

  • intg — definite integral
  • integrate — integration of an expression by quadrature
  • inttrap — integration of experimental data by trapezoidal interpolation
  • splin — cubic spline interpolation
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