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global variable: paths to help directories of loaded external modules


The global variable %helps is an N x 2 matrix of strings. Each row refers to the help chapter of a loaded external module:

  • %helps(k,1) is the absolute pathname to its help directory.
  • %helps(k,2) is the title of its help chapter.

This variable must NOT be modified by hand. add_help_chapter must be used to add a new help chapter and update %helps.


global %helps  // This instruction creates a local %helps variable connected to the global one
if %helps==[]                    // No help chapter is registered for any external module
    if atomsGetInstalled()==[]   // If no external module is installed
        atomsInstall uman;       //  we install the "uman" one (available for all plateforms)
    atomsLoad(atomsGetInstalled()(1));  // We load the first module, included its help pages
    %helps                       // Now the external chapter should be registered

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