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Handle reading (Scilab gateway)

How to read matrix of handle.


Input argument profile:

SciErr getMatrixOfHandle(void* _pvCtx, int* _piAddress, int* _piRows, int* _piCols, long long** _pllHandle)



Scilab environment pointer, pass in "pvApiCtx" provided by api_scilab.h.


Address of the Scilab variable.


Return number of rows of the variable.


Return number of columns of the variable.


Return address of data array (size: _iRows * _iCols).


Error structure where is stored errors messages history and first error number.


This help describes how to read matrix of handle.

Gateway Source

#include "api_scilab.h"
int read_write_handle(char *fname,void* pvApiCtx)
    SciErr sciErr;
    int i;
    //first variable info : real matrix of double
    int iRows       = 0;
    int iCols       = 0;
    int *piAddr     = NULL;
    long long* pllHandle   = NULL;

    //check input and output arguments
    CheckInputArgument(pvApiCtx, 1,1);
    CheckOutputArgument(pvApiCtx, 1,1);

    //get variable address of the first input argument
    sciErr = getVarAddressFromPosition(pvApiCtx, 1, &piAddr);
        printError(&sciErr, 0);
        return 0;

    //get size and data from Scilab memory
    sciErr = getMatrixOfHandle(pvApiCtx, piAddr, &iRows, &iCols, &pllHandle);
        printError(&sciErr, 0);
        return 0;

    sciErr = createMatrixOfHandle(pvApiCtx, nbInputArgument(pvApiCtx) + 1, iRows, iCols, pllHandle);
        printError(&sciErr, 0);
        return 0;

    AssignOutputVariable(pvApiCtx, 1) = nbInputArgument(pvApiCtx) + 1;
    return 0;

Scilab test script

f1 = scf(1);
f2 = scf(2);
a_ref = [f1, f2];
b = read_write_handle(a_ref);

if or(b <> a_ref) then error("failed"), end


5.5.0 This function added in Scilab 5.5.0
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