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Scilabヘルプ >> Graphics > 3d_plot > eval3d


values of a function on a grid => this function is obsolete





function accepting vectors as arguments.


2 vectors of size (1,n1) and (1,n2). (default value for y : y=x).


matrix of size (n1,n2).


This function is obsolete and will be removed in Scilab 6.1.

If fun(x,y) can process x and y matrices, please use the following replacements:

  • z = eval3d(fun,x) => X=ndgrid(x,x); z=fun(X,X')

  • z = eval3d(fun,x,y) => [X,Y]=ndgrid(x,y); z=fun(X,Y)

Otherwise, if fun(x,y) accepts only scalars x and y, please use feval as usual: z=feval(x,fun) or z=feval(x,y,fun).

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