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Converts a Scilab object into some corresponding LaTeX, TeX or MathML string(s)


str = prettyprint(a)
str = prettyprint(a, exportFormat)
str = prettyprint(a, exportFormat, delim)
str = prettyprint(a, exportFormat, delim, processByElement)
str = prettyprint(a, exportFormat, delim, processByElement, isWrapped)



is a Scilab variable


is the output format. Possible values are 'latex' (default), 'tex', or 'mathml'.


is a string indicating the delimiter to bracket the whole resulting matrix. It's only used if processByElement is false. It can be '(' (default), '{', '[', '|', or '||'.


is a boolean: If set to %f (default), the result str is a single single representing the whole input matrix. Otherwise, str has as many elements as the input matrix a.


is a boolean to indicate if the result must be wrapped inside delimiters ('$' for latex and tex or nothing for mathml) to be used with xstring or xtitle. The default value is %T (true).


a single string (if processByElement is %F), or a matrix of strings otherwise (with size(str)==size(a)): the representation of the input a.


Taking a variable, the prettyprint function will provide a formatted representation of it. Formats can be TeX, LaTeX or MathML. They can be used in third party applications but also within Scilab with the most of the Scilab graphic features. The following types are handled by this function:

  • Real / Complex matrices

  • Polynomial types

  • Boolean

  • Integer

  • String

  • Tlist

  • Rational

  • Cell


str = prettyprint(rand(3,3)) // Return the LaTeX representation of a 3,3 matrix
xstring(0.2,0.2,str) // Show the representation in a graphic Windows

prettyprint(rand(3,4),"mathml") // Return the MathML representation of a 3,4 matrix
prettyprint(rand(3,4),"mathml","[") // Return the MathML representation of a 3,4 matrix with '[' as delimiter

s=poly(0,'s'); G=[1,s;1+s^2,3*s^3];
xstring(0.2,0.2,prettyprint(G*s-1)); // Show a polynomial through a LaTeX representation

See also

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