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Scilab Help >> Control Systems - CACSD > Linear System Representation > pol2des


polynomial matrix to descriptor form





polynomial matrix

N, B, C

three real matrices


Given the polynomial matrix Ds=D_0 +D_1 s +D_2 s^2 +... +D_k s^k, pol2des returns three matrices N, B, C, with N nilpotent such that:

Ds = C (s*N-eye())^-1 B


s = poly(0,'s');
G = [1, s; 1+s^2, 3*s^3];
[N, B, C] = pol2des(G);
G1 = clean(C*inv(s*N-eye())*B)
G2 = G1.num

See also

  • ss2des — (polynomial) state-space to descriptor form
  • tf2des — transfer function to descriptor
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