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Справка Scilab >> UMFPACK Interface (sparse) > umf_lusolve


solve a linear sparse system given the LU factors


[x] = umf_lusolve(LU_ptr, b [, st, A])



a pointer to umf lu factors (L,U,p,q,R)


a real or complex column vector or a matrix (multiple rhs)


(optional) a string "Ax=b" (default) or "Ax'=b" (to be written "Ax''=b" in scilab language: a quote in a string must be doubled !)


(optional) the sparse square matrix corresponding to the LU factors (LU_ptr must be got with LU_ptr = umf_lufact(A))


a column vector or a matrix in case of multiple rhs ( x(:,i) is solution of A x(:,i) = b(:,i) or A'x(:,i) = b(:,i) )


This function must be used in conjunction with umf_lufact which computes the LU factors of a sparse matrix. The optional st argument lets us choose between the solving of Ax=b (general case) or of A'x=b (sometimes useful). If you give the 4th argument then iterative refinement will be also proceeded (as in umfpack) to give a better numerical solution.


see the example section of umf_lufact

See also

  • umfpack — solve sparse linear system
  • umf_lufact — lu factorization of a sparse matrix
  • umf_luget — retrieve lu factors at the Scilab level
  • umf_ludel — utility function used with umf_lufact
  • umf_luinfo — get information on LU factors
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