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Scilabヘルプ >> Modules manager > tbx_make


Builds a toolbox having a standard structure (EXPERIMENTAL)


tbx_make(tbx_path, sections)



a single string; path to the toolbox root directory.

Default path is the current working directory.


a matrix of string; list of the toolbox sections to be buit, amongst ["macros", "help", "src", "sci_gateway", "localization"].

Default or [] will select all possible sections.


The short name (id) tbx_name of the toolbox is retrieved as the basename of the etc/*.start file. This file is mandatory, even if it is empty.

tbx_make builds the toolbox pointed to by its root directory tbx_path, by executing an explicit or default builder script.

tbx_path is scanned for a script named like build*.sce.

If such a file is found, tbx_make executes it, and that's it.

Otherwise, tbx_make builds the toolbox using directory naming conventions. The sections of the toolbox are processed according to the following conventions:

macros/ All macros files *.sci available in the ~/macros/* directory are compiled and gathered into a library named tbx_namelib (see tbx_builder_macros)
src/ Functional external code in src is compiled. (see tbx_builder_src)
sci_gateway/ gateway functions in sci_gateway are compiled. (see tbx_builder_gateway)
help/ help is generated (see tbx_builder_help)
localization Localization files are processed (see tbx_build_localization)

This default behaviour mimics the builder.sce script from the toolbox_skeleton provided with Scilab.

If sections is given, only the selected sections are built.

loader.sce, unloader.sce and cleaner.sce scripts are always created at the toolbox's root.


// Builds the toolbox mytoolbox at current location
tbx_make() // build the toolbox in the current working directory
tbx_make(".", "macros") build the macros in "./macros/" from the current directory.

// Builds the toolbox located in path/to/mytoolbox directory

// Compiles macros help and src for the toolbox located in path/to/mytoolbox
tbx_make("path/to/mytoolbox", ["macros", "help", "src"])

See Also

  • tbx_builder_macros — Create library(es) of a toolbox for its functions in Scilab language
  • tbx_builder_src — Builds the user source code (non-gateway) in src/ subdirectory.
  • tbx_builder_gateway — Builds the user gateway code in sci_gateway/ subdirectory.
  • tbx_builder_help — Build help pages of a toolbox, with possible subsections (toolbox compilation process)
  • tbx_build_loader — Generate loader and unloader scripts (toolbox compilation process)
  • tbx_build_cleaner — Generate a cleaner.sce script (toolbox compilation process)


6.0.0 tbx_make() introduced.
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