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Link toolbox help with Scilab one

How to make hyperlink in toolbox help pointing to Scilab's items


Since Scilab 5.3.1, the hyperlinks in a toolbox help can be used to point on any help pages or to execute demos in the console.

Now you can link a demo Uicontrol demo or execute a script about.sce


  • To link from two external modules, the syntax is: <link type="scilab" linkend="">fun_in_module_name</link> Usually, the name of the function is the id of the page.

  • To link from a external module to a Scilab function, the syntax is: <link type="scilab" linkend="">bvode</link> Usually, the name of the function is the id of the page.

  • To enable the execution of a script, the syntax is: <link type="scilab" linkend="mytoolbox.exec/macros/fooexec.sce">macros/fooexec.sce</link>

  • To enable the execution of a demo, the syntax is: <link type="scilab" linkend="mytoolbox.demos/mydemo.dem">My demo</link>


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <refentry xmlns:scilab=""
      <refnamediv xml:id="foo">
        <refpurpose>calculates foo</refpurpose>
        <!-- Link on Scilab's help -->
        <para>Firstly a link on <link type="scilab" linkend="">bvode</link> in the Scilab Doc</para>
        <!-- Link on a demo, foodemo must be in toolbox_path/demos/ -->
        <para>Secondly a link on <link type="scilab" linkend="mytoolbox.demos/foodemo">My demo</link></para>
        <!-- the executed macro will be toolbox_path/macros/fooexec.sce -->
        <para>Thirdly a link on <link type="scilab" linkend="mytoolbox.exec/macros/fooexec.sce">macros/fooexec.sce</link></para>
        <!-- a link for erroneous links -->
        <para>Fourthly a link on <link type="scilab" linkend="">invalid link</link></para>
      <programlisting role="example">
        plot3d() // should link on plot3d
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