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Please note that the recommended version of Scilab is 6.1.1. This page might be outdated.
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Справка Scilab >> Графики > interaction > edit_curv


interactive graphic curve editor

Calling Sequence

[x,y,ok,gc] = edit_curv(y)
[x,y,ok,gc] = edit_curv(x,y)
[x,y,ok,gc] = edit_curv(x,y,job)
[x,y,ok,gc] = edit_curv(x,y,job,tit)
[x,y,ok,gc] = edit_curv(x,y,job,tit,gc)



vector of x coordinates


vector of y coordinates


a character string formed by one to three of the characters 'a','x','y'


to add points to the edited curve


to modify x coordinates of the edited curve points


to modify y coordinates of the edited curve points


a vector of three character strings which give the curve legend


a list of graphic window parameters: gc=list(rect,nax)


bounds of the graphics (see plot2d for details)


graduation parameters (see plot2d for details)


indicator if ok==%t user as returned with 'ok' menu else user as returned with 'abort' menu : list (graphical objects created under edit_curv


edit_curv is an interactive graphic curve editor. To add a new point simply click at the desired location, the added point will be connected to the nearest end-point. to move a point click on it, drag the mouse to the new position and click to set the new position

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