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create a figure

Calling Sequence

f = figure(num);
f = figure("PropertyName1", Propertyvalue1, ..., ..., "PropertyNameN", PropertyvalueN);


This routine creates a figure. If an ID is given, the figure corresponding to this ID is created. Otherwise, the window is created with the first free ID, that is the lowest integer not already used by a window.



ID of the window to create. If not specified, the first free ID is used.

PropertyName{1, ..., N}

character string name of a property to set. One of the property names listed below.

PropertyValue{1, ..., N}

scilab object value to give to the corresponding property.


handle of the newly created window.



[1,3] real vector or string Background color of the figure. A color is specified as Red, Green and Blue values. Those values are real in [0,1]. The color can be given as a real vector, ie [R,G,B] or a string where each value is separated by a "|", ie "R|G|B"


character string, allows to set the title of the figure.


allows to control the geometrical aspect of the figure. It is a [1,4] real vector [x y width height] where the letters stand for the x location of the top left corner, the y location of the top left corner, the width and the height of the virtual graphics window (the part of the figure which contains uicontrols and graphics). See the axes_size property description in figure properties help page. One can also set this property by giving a string where the fields are separated by a "|", ie "x|y|width|height".


string this property is generally used to identify the figure. It allows to give it a "name". Mainly used in conjontion with findobj().


this can be used to associate some Scilab objects to a figure.


// Create figure having figure_id==3
// Add a text uicontrol in figure 3
uicontrol(h, "style", "text", ...
             "string", "This is a figure", ...
             "position", [50 70 100 100], ...

// Create figure having figure_id==1
// Add a text uicontrol in figure 1
uicontrol("style", "text", ...
          "string", "Another figure", ...
          "position", [50 70 100 100], ...
          "fontsize", 15);

// Close current figure (ie figure 1)
// close figure 3

See Also

  • close — close a figure or a window
  • gcf — Return handle of current graphic window.
  • createWindow — create a window
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