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Please note that the recommended version of Scilab is 6.1.1. This page might be outdated.
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Aide de Scilab >> Scilab > Variables


  • Predefined variables
    • TMPDIRchemin du répertoire temporaire
    • SCIvariable containing the value of the root path of Scilab.
    • SCIHOMEcontains the path to preferences, history files of your Scilab session.
    • homeGives the user directory.
    • %eEuler number.
    • %epsepsilon (floating-point relative accuracy)
    • %f or %FBoolean variable for false.
    • %iimaginary unit
    • %infinfinity
    • %nannot-a-number
    • %piratio of circle's circumference to its diameter
    • %sA variable used to define polynomials.
    • %t or %TBoolean variable for true.
    • %zA variable used to define polynomials.
  • clearSuppression de variables
  • clearglobalsupprime des variables globales
  • existsteste l'existence d'une variable
  • isdefvérifie si une variable existe
  • isglobalvérifie si une variable est globale
  • namessyntaxe des noms de variables dans Scilab
  • predefprotection de variables
  • wholiste des variables
  • whosliste des variables courantes dans un format détaillé
  • getvariablesonstackget variable names on stack of scilab
  • who_userlisting of user's variables
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