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Scilab Help >> Advanced functions > profiling > showprofile


Outputs the function profiling results to the console

Calling Sequence




a Scilab function


To use showprofile on a function, the profiling of this function must have been first activated:

  • either by using the add_profiling command.

  • or if the function has beed defined with the deff command, by setting the optional argument of deff to "p".

Once the function has been executed, calling showprofile outputs to the console the profiling results.

For each function line (including the header of function), are printed the following informations, in order:

  • the total number of times the line was called

  • the total CPU time spent in the line (in seconds)

  • a measurement of the interpretor effort to interpret the line

  • the number and source code of the line

An example of output:

            |1  |0   |0| 1: function x=fun(n)
            |1  |0   |0| 2:   if n > 0 then
            |1  |0   |2| 3:     x = 0;
            |200|0.01|0| 4:     for k = 1:n
            |200|3.99|5| 5:       s = svd(rand(n, n));
            |...|... |.| ...

Here we can see that the 5th line of the function has been called 200 times, for a total CPU time of 3.99 seconds (and an effort of 5 to interpret the line).

show_profile looks like to profile, but profile returns a matrix with the profiling results, while show_profile only prints that results to the console.

Note: due to the precision limit of CPU time measure (typically one micro second), some executed lines which execution is very fast may appear with a CPU total time of 0.


// Function to be profiled
function x=foo(n)
  if n > 0 then
    x = 0;
    for k = 1:n
      s = svd(rand(n, n));
      x = x + s(1);
    x = [];

// Enables the profiling of the function

// Executes the function

// Prints the function profiling results to console

See Also

  • add_profiling — Enables the profiling of a function
  • profile — Returns the profiling results of a function
  • plotprofile — Displays the profiling charts of a function
  • reset_profiling — Resets profiling counters of a function.
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