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Ajuda do Scilab >> Java from Scilab > jdeff


Map a static Java method onto a Scilab macro

Calling Sequence

jdeff(className, javaMethodName, scilabMacroName)



A string giving the class name


A string giving the method name in the class (the method must be static)


A string giving the macro name


Provides a simple way to map a static Java method onto a Scilab macro. The result is automatically unwrapped (if it is possible).


jdeff("java.lang.Double", "parseDouble", "str2number");
PI = str2number("3.141592653589");
PI - %pi

See Also

  • deff


5.5.0 Function introduced. Based on the 'JIMS' module. The main difference in the behavior compared to the JIMS module is that jautoUnwrap is enabled by default.
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