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Console properties

Description of console object properties.


This object is returned when calling get(0) and allows to modify some parameters for handles and uicontrols.

Console properties

A boolean or a string

Manages the display of all children handles in figures including default menus ones.

Default value is "off".


A boolean or a string

Manages the rendering of uicontrols.

Default value is "off" and uicontrols look and feel is managed by operating system.

Setting this value to "on" or %T will make the uicontrols have an old TK look and feel.


A boolean or a string

Manages the display of uicontrols properties.

Default value is "off" and only the uicontrols properties used on the Java side are displayed.

Setting this value to "on" or %T will make all available properties displayed (for example a ListboxTop property will be dispalyed for pushbutton uicontrols.


f=gcf() // Do no display hidden handles
c = get(0);
set(c, "ShowHiddenHandles", "on");
f=gcf() // Show menu handles as children

h=uicontrol(); // Button with OS look & feel
set(c, "UseDeprecatedSkin", "on");
h=uicontrol(); // Button with old TK look & feel

h=uicontrol() // Minimal display of properties
set(c, "ShowHiddenProperties", "on");
h=uicontrol() // Full display of properties

See Also

  • uicontrol — グラフィックユーザーインターフェイスオブジェクトを作成
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