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Scilab Help >> Elementary Functions > cell2mat


converts a cell array into a matrix

Calling Sequence




cell array, the components of c must have the same type and can be scalars or matrices




cell2mat(c) returns a matrix which is the concatenation of all components of the cell array c.

All components of c must have the same data type (strings or doubles or integers or booleans). For each row i of c, cell2mat of c, cell2mat concatenates all the components of the ith row of the cell array c.

Note that if the components of the cell array input c are strings then cell2mat(c) returns a column vector of strings concatenation.


c=makecell([2,2],[1 2 3; 6 7 8],[4 5;9 10],[11 12;16 17],[14 13 15;18 19 20])

See Also

  • cell — creates a cell array of empty matrices
  • makecell — Creates a cell array.
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