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Scilab help >> API Scilab > Low level functions > CallOverloadFunction


a C gateway function uses to call overload function or macro

Calling Sequence




Specifies which input argument will be used to create the name of overload function/macro


a C gateway function uses to call overload function or macro


This example returns the size:

  • returns the size of input argument

  • if input argument is a string returns the length

Gateway Source

int callOverload(char *fname,unsigned long fname_len)
    CheckRhs(1, 1);
    CheckLhs(0, 1);

    return 0;

Scilab test script

function x=%c_getSize(a)
    x = lenght(a);

function x=%s_getSize(a)
    x = size(a);

a = [1,2,3,4];
a_ref = [2,2];
assert_checkequal(getSize(a) == a_ref);

b = ["May","the","puffin";"be","with","you"];
b_ref = [3,3,6;2,4,3];
assert_checkequal(getSize(b) == b_ref);
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