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Please note that the recommended version of Scilab is 6.1.1. This page might be outdated.
However, this page did not exist in the previous stable version.

Scilab help >> Graphics > 2d_plot > plot2d1


2次元プロット (対数軸) (古い関数)

Calling Sequence




is a string of length three "abc".


can have the following values: e, o or g.


means "empty". Itspecifies the fact that the value of x is not used (the x values are supposed to be regularly spaced, ie 1:<number of rows of y>). The user must anyway give a value for x, 1 for instance: plot2d1("enn",1,y).


means "one". If there are many curves, they all have the same x-values: x is a column vector of size nl and y is a matrix of size (nl,nc). For example : x=[0:0.1:2*%pi]';plot2d1("onn",x,[sin(x) cos(x)]).


means "general". x and y must have the same size (nl,nc). Each column of y is plotted with respect to the corresponding column of x. nc curves are plotted using nl points.

b, c

can have the values n (normal) or l (logarithmic).


a logarithmic axis is used on the x-axis


a logarithmic axis is used on the y-axis


these arguments have the same meaning as in the plot2d function.


these arguments have the same meaning as in the plot2d function.


This function is obsolete. USE plot2d INSTEAD !!

plot2d1 plots a set of 2D curves. It is the same as plot2d but with one more argument str which enables logarithmic axis. Moreover, it allows to specify only one column vector for x when it is the same for all the curves.

By default, successive plots are superposed. To clear the previous plot, use clf.

Enter the command plot2d1() to see a demo.


// multiple plot without giving x
plot2d1("enn",1,[sin(x) sin(2*x) sin(3*x)])
// multiple plot using only one x
plot2d1("onn",x,[sin(x) sin(2*x) sin(3*x)])
// logarithmic plot
x=[0.1:0.1:3]'; clf()
plot2d1("oll",x,[exp(x) exp(x^2) exp(x^3)])
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