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Please note that the recommended version of Scilab is 6.1.1. This page might be outdated.
However, this page did not exist in the previous stable version.

Scilab help >> Interpolation > interp3d


3d spline evaluation function

Calling Sequence



xp, yp, zp

real vectors or matrices of same size


tlist of type "splin3d", defining a 3d tensor spline (called s in the following)


(optional) string defining the evaluation of s outside the grid ([xmin,xmax]x[ymin,ymax]x[zmin,zmax])


vector or matrix of same format than xp, yp and zp, elementwise evaluation of s on these points.

dfpdx, dfpdy, dfpdz

vectors (or matrices) of same format than xp, yp and zp, elementwise evaluation of the first derivatives of s on these points.


Given a tlist tl defining a 3d spline function (see splin3d) this function evaluates s (and ds/dx, ds/dy, ds/dz if needed) at (xp(i),yp(i),zp(i)) :

The out_mode parameter defines the evaluation rule for extrapolation, i.e. for (xp(i),yp(i),zp(i)) not in [xmin,xmax]x[ymin,ymax]x[zmin,zmax] :


an extrapolation by zero is done


extrapolation by Nan


the extrapolation is defined as follows :

s(x,y) = s(proj(x,y)) where proj(x,y) is nearest point 
                      of [x(1),x(nx)]x[y(1),y(ny)] from (x,y)

s is extended by periodicity.


// see the examples of the splin3d help page

See Also

  • splin3d — spline gridded 3d interpolation
  • bsplin3val — 3d spline arbitrary derivative evaluation function


5.4.0 previously, imaginary part of input arguments were implicitly ignored.
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