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Scilab help >> Signal Processing > wfir_gui


Graphical user interface that can be used to interactively design wfir filters

Calling Sequence

[ftype,forder,cfreq,wtype,fpar] = wfir_gui()



a string: the selected filter type.


a scalar with positive integer value: the selected filter order


a 2 vector: the cut-off frequencies in normalized frequencies


a string: the selected window type.


2-vector of window parameters.


This function proposes a graphical user interface to allow user interactively select the design parameteres of windowed finite impluse response filters (see wfir). It is called by wfir when no input arguments are given.

If requested, the frequency response of the filter is automatically updated according to the parameters set in the dialog window:

See Also

Used Functions

Based on uicontrol functions.


5.4.0 Function wfir_gui is redesigned from scratch to provide a better user experience.
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