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Ajuda Scilab >> Arquivos : funções de Entrada/Saída > Paths - Filenames > dirname


gets directory from filenames

Calling Sequence

dirs = dirname(files[, flag [,flagexpand]])



a string matrix giving a set of file names

flag, flagexpand

boolean optional parameters (default value %t)

files, dirs

string matrices


dirname returns the directory names of the file entries given in files.

If flag is true the files are first converted to the target type given by the getos() == 'Windows' variable. Moreover, if flagexpand is true leading strings like SCIHOME, SCI or ~ are expanded using environment variables.

Note that dirname(files,%f) can give erroneous results if pathnames given in files do not follow the convention given by the getos() == 'Windows' variable.



See Also

  • basename — strip directory and suffix from filenames
  • listfiles — list of files
  • pathconvert — pathnames convertion between POSIX and Windows.
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